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New Vet rules

further VET Students Loans a win-win for students and taxpayers.A supplementary Vocational Education and Training (VET) Student Loans program introduces caps from January 2017 as soon as more stringent criteria to be a provider, and bans brokers. It will be very fascinating to look how the caps, joined training and assessment in the same way as actual costs, training and assessment will be determined and what evidence will underpin decision making.This one program will not, return integrity to the vocational education sector.Perhaps the, need for providers to go through a rigorous application process and extensive monitoring and evaluation to ensure they are delivering education that students and employers value and that taxpayers are enjoyable to continue supporting, indicates that current standards for Registered Training Organisations are not good enough. If this is the case later a 21st Century VET investment scheme is needed that is based upon economic, industry and regional priorities, identifying critical job roles, capabilities and friends to National Training Packages. There should be training and assessment adaptableness to invest in non-accredited training and workforce progress events that swell productivity, behave training and assessment and global opportunities.

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